Whiteline Sway bar - link W23439

W23439 - Sway bar - link

TYPE: Link Kit

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Knock, knock, knock! That's the sound you hear when your sway bar links are not doing their job. Links are a common service item due to either worn or over compliant bushings/ joints and possibly bent or snapped centre bodies. Upgrade from the old units to Whiteline sway bar links with superior features that outlast and outperform the original equipment.


W23439 - Sway bar - link works with the following vehicles.

  • 2003-toyota-4runner-limited
  • 2004-toyota-4runner-limited
  • 2007-toyota-fj-cruiser-base
  • 2010-lexus-gx460-base
  • 2010-lexus-gx460-premium
  • 2010-toyota-4runner-limited
  • 2010-toyota-fj-cruiser-base
  • 2011-lexus-gx460-base
  • 2013-lexus-gx460-base
  • 2013-toyota-fj-cruiser-base
  • 2017-toyota-4runner-limited
  • 2018-lexus-gx460-base