10 YouTube Channels To Keep You Sane During Lock-Down

10 YouTube Channels To Keep You Sane During Lock-Down

Whilst Whiteline's operations currently remain unaffected by this crisis we know so many of our customers have been confined to their homes, so we thought we'd put together a list of our favourite Automotive YouTube Channels to help keep you sane during these crazy times. In no particular order, here are some of our 'must watch' recommendations:

BuckYeah (Bucky Lasek)

For those that remember the early days of skateboarding and spent hours play Tony Hawks Pro Skater will know Bucky Lasek. He has a great v-log following his project GC8 with some skating thrown in to mix it up.


The guys from Driftworks have some WILD project ideas. If you like the idea of taking a Lamborghini and changing it to ITB's, Manual Swapping and throwing on a LM body kit then these guys will fill your "if money was no object" cravings.

Donut Media

The guys at Donut are absolutely hilarious and have enough content to satisfy everything automotive related. From the latest news, weird cars and project builds, these guys can do it all!

ECS Tuning

The guys at ECS Tuning have recently embarked on an epic journey through South America in a tuned and slammed MK7 Golf GTI. It's an epic 4 part series that should keep that travel bug alive for when this craziness all blows over.

Gears & Gasoline

If you're into JDM builds, these guys do it well. They have a sweet Evo and Civic build going at the moment so tune in.

Cars With Luke

This guy is living the dream! If you love cinematography, supercars and Swiss mountain passes, then this is the channel for you!

Life Life Fast

Join Ricky as he drives some of the UKs hottest rides. If high horsepower Euros are your thing, tune into LLF.

Mighty Car Mods

Automotive YouTube royalty. The Mighty Car Mods guys were easily one of the first to really take off on YouTube. If you love Aussie humour mixed in with some cheap car builds to keep you inspired, then these guys are a must watch. Our top picks would be their Turbos & Temples series!


If you love crazy car stories and tales of 'shrewd negotiation' then this is the channel for you.


A channel true Petrol Heads can appreciate. Petrolicious is all about cars and the stories they tell. If you like to reminisce, then checkout these guys.

Hang in there guys!

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