Bring Grip Activation To The World of EVs

Bring Grip Activation To The World of EVs

With the automotive world heading towards electrification, WHITELINE has been heavily investing in the development of suspension and chassis components for Tesla vehicles and future EVs.



Currently, the Tesla Model 3 is the most successful EV to date with over 500,000 vehicles sold globally, so logically it made sense to start our EV development here. After the initial assessment of the vehicle, WHITELINE identified Adjustable Sway Bars as a key area to develop first. After mapping and understanding the cars geometry and handling characteristics, WHITELINE decided to develop a Front 30mm 3 Point Adjustable Sway Bar and a Rear 20mm 3 Point Adjustable Sway Bar.


WHITELINE spent a lot of time testing across all versions of the Model 3 and were very impressed with the improvements to the Model 3's overall handing. The Model 3 instantly became more sharper and direct when responding to driver inputs; mid corner body roll was drastically reduced creating more grip through the apex and increased drive on exit.

With the WHITELINE Adjustable Sway Bars sorted work has now begun on Performance Lowering Spring Kits to suit various Model 3s which eventually will be matched with the Adjustable Sway Bars to form a Grip Series 1 Package to provide the ultimate handling upgrade for Model 3 owners. Stay tuned for further updates on these packages.

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