Development of the 10th Gen Civic Continues at WHITELINE

The 10th Gen Honda Civic has been one of the most successful Civics to date. WHITELINE has been constantly developing the platform since its introduction in 2016. Over the past 4 years WHITELINE has introduced an extensive catalogue of new products for the Civic, and 2020 has been no different.
This year WHITELINE has introduced three key new products for the 10th Gen Civic platform.
KDT976 Front Engine - Torque Arm
(available late November 2020) 
Whiteline’s Billet aluminium torque arm assists in controlling the engine and drivetrain forward and twisting motion. Whiteline’s Billet aluminium torque arm is built to handle the demands of torque and power of the Civic's turbocharged 2 litre engine by limiting the amount of movement the engine and drivetrain will place upon the pitch stop. Utilising low compliance bushing technology this eliminates the slop, twisting and shudder found in the OEM rubber bushings allowing for a faster, positive, responsive feel of power delivery on and off the throttle.
KCA468 Front Roll Center - Correction Kit
(available late November 2020)
A must for lowered Civics, Whiteline roll center and bump steer correction kit, is designed to correct the Civic's roll-center geometry using specially engineered ball-joints. Raising the front roll-center results in a substantial increase to front roll resistance and a significant reduction in suspension compression on the outside front tyre during cornering. The result is more even weight distribution and improved tyre contact ultimately improving front end grip, cornering speeds and tyre life when driving the vehicle to it’s potential.
KCA467 Front Control Arm - Anti Lift Kit
The Whiteline Anti Lift Kit is primarily designed to improve traction and cornering grip under power. By increasing static caster and improving front end geometry the new alloy mounts coupled with low compliance synthetic elastomer bushings serve to dramatically sharpen initial turn-in response and reduce understeer that is common with this 10th gen platform.