Jackie Ding Honda S2000 Gridlife TrackBattle

Jackie Ding Honda S2000 Gridlife TrackBattle

https://www.jd86racing.com/   Jackie Ding Report From Gridlife TrackBattle Season Opener

This is Jackie Ding, I drive a Honda S2000 running a Whiteline front sway bar. 

The Gridlife TrackBattle Season Opener saw us traveled to Mid-Ohio, one of my favorite tracks. With rain forecasted for the whole weekend, we had to try and punch out the fastest lap as early as possible. By lining up early, I found myself at the front of the pack and clear of any traffic. While everyone else in Street class ended the session with lap times in the 1:40.9-41.1, I managed a flying 1:39.068, obliterating the old Gridlife Street class overall record and, thanks to the rain that followed right after, sealed my victory for the weekend.


Jackie Ding

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