Miata Reunion Laguna Seca Recap

Miata Reunion Laguna Seca Recap

I  had the pleasure of attending the Miata Reunion 30th anniversary at Laguna Seca this past weekend. I took the 7 hour trek from Southern California up to Salinas, CA to group up with other vendors and over 2000 attendees for this event.

Whiteline NC Miata


Miata Reunion also known as Miatas at Mazda Raceway Lagauna Seca or MMRLS is the premier Miata gathering in the United States. Two full days of track time for hot lap drivers, BBQ and lots of cars to see over the weekend. There is also a parade lap both Saturday and Sunday for Miata drivers who aren't going for Hot Laps, this gives them an opportunity to get on the famous Laguna Seca course for photos and to drive on the famous Cork Screw.

Miata Reunion Parade Laps

I had the opportunity to take my 2006 NC MX-5 out on the track for Saturday to throw down some lap times. My MX-5 is equipped with the BMK004 front and rear sway bar kit. The car felt amazing going around the sweepers that Laguna Seca has, even the infamous turn 9 off camber "Rainey Curve". I had the privilege of representing Whiteline at the event and use the opportunity to test our products and help educate other like minded enthusiasts. A good amount of NC owners came over to me to ask what was done to the car as they noticed my driving was pretty quick. I had no problem showing them what was done to my car suspension wise and had a few very interested in getting the same setup I have.
Whiteline Performance
Being the 30th anniversary of this event, this drew a huge crowd but more importantly this will sadly be the last event at Laguna Seca. Miata Reunion will still happen each year but they have decided to go to different tracks around the United States. This gives new opportunities for other fellow enthusiasts to make it to these fantastic events.
If you would like more information about Miata Reunion please check out there link here.
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