Vincent Melón – 27WON Honda Performance - REDEFINE the Aftermarket

Vincent Melón – 27WON Honda Performance - REDEFINE the Aftermarket

27WON Honda Civic Si Golden Gate Bridge


27WON is a company who is quickly establishing themselves in the forefront of the growing 10th Generation Honda Civic community, and the philosophy they live by is “REDEFINE the Aftermarket.” They tell us that they are setting out with a fresh expression on what it means to be a 21st Century Honda enthusiast. With a bold statement and vision like that there truly should be some significant products to back that up and let me tell you that Vincent (president/owner of 27WON) and his team do not disappoint. They offer a wide range of engine and vehicle performance products from cold air intakes to complete drop in turbo upgrades, 27WON believes there’s no room for low standards in the Honda scene anymore and everything they put out is sheer excellence in comparison to the competition. 

As any car enthusiast would do next after adding more power, Vincent set out to find a suspension company that would help keep the car handling optimally and to ensure all available power transferred from the front wheels to the ground even at higher than stock power figures.  Whiteline is proud to support 27WON with suspension components for all their 10th generation Civic builds which now include a FK7 Civic Hatchback Sport, FC1 Si Sedan and FK8 Type R. 

27WON Honda Civic Si BMSPEC Hatchback Golden Gate Bridge

“As we developed parts for the CivicX like our W1 turbo, down-pipe, and intake we quickly found our SI making well over 100+hp over stock with bolt-on’s; which was fantastic out of the L15 engine. With such a large bump in power we turned our attention to suspension and aero work to make sure that we could use all that new power effectively and get it around track. Knowing the platform was still new we aimed to find a partner that could offer real world solutions and apply them to the new chassis. After identifying what we needed to get out of the car it was a no brainer for us to reach out to Whiteline.

Joel and the team at Whiteline had exactly what we needed for our Civics in the form of a full sway bar vehicle kit for the 10th gen. When we added our BMSPEC front splitter and rear wing to our SI the increased downforce on the chassis quickly overcame our rear spring set up and by utilizing the upgraded 22mm rear sway bar we were able to inject more rear spring into the car and help get her to rotate in the corners. Paired up with their adjustable sway bar end links we were able to fine tune the bar and get the most performance out of it.

Honda Civic FK8 10th generation rear sway bar


To help bring it all home the new Whiteline rear adjustable toe arms allowed us to dial in our rear camber and toe settings with pin point precision which really rounded out our package. We have had great success with the parts from Whiteline and look forward to what they create in the future to help us activate more grip.”   

Vincent Melón, 27WON

Whiteline Honda Civic Adjustable Toe Arm KTA260

In the pipeline for WHITELINE is the famous front lower control arm anti lift kit boasting reengineered geometry improvements and added positive caster.

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