What is "confidence" when behind the wheel?

I have heard this term for a long time while being in the automotive industry, more so in the racing community. Companies tend to convey a product that will "induce confidence into the driver" but what does this exactly mean?
Whiteline Performance
We all have our different tendencies when driving either in traffic, around town, a mountain road or even a race track. That may be resting your hand on the shifter, placing your hands at different area on the wheels to even how you rest your feet on the pedals. This may make the driver more confident while driving, but can this same sorry of confidence be inspired by a product? Could an exhaust or intake system convey confidence? What about a new coil-over setup or even new sway bars and bushings?
When I put new products on my track car I do extensive research and make sure the product is going to do what it says. When I installed Whiteline Sway bars on my NC miata track car, I knew it was going to help with body roll and overall stability with the car being on stock shocks and springs at the time. Before the Whiteline sway bars I first took the car to my local track, Willow Springs International Raceway, hucking it into the first corners Immediately knew my confidence in the car was depleting. I wasn't confident in the car performing the way I wanted it to. While I still have my own skills to work on, not having confidence in your own car while driving at the limit can show into the driver and lap times can suffer or mistakes can happen. After installing the sway bars I immediately knew I could go faster into those corners I once had to slow down for, thus my confidence in the car grew. I do fully believe certain products can inspire confidence.
Do the products on your car inspire confidence in your driving?  Whiteline does.
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