You Can Never Have Too Much Caster!!

You Can Never Have Too Much Caster!!

Whiteline caster

What is caster on a car?

Caster is the backward or forward tilt of the steering axis. Vehicle manufacturers are aware of the advantages of caster and as each new model is released the amount of caster specified increases.

Whiteline Caster

Why is caster increasing?

Because the disadvantages of high levels of castor are being overcome. Rack and pinion steering means less play, lower Ackerman levels, smaller scrub radius (zero is now very common), better and lower profile radial tires means less sidewall deflection and higher tolerance to greater slip angles.

But the greatest obstacle, that of heavy steering effort, has all but disappeared with the universal acceptance of power steering.

You can never have too much caster!!

• Maximize tire contact patch during roll.
• Improve turn in response.
• Increase directional stability.
• Maximize tire contact patch during braking and acceleration.
• Improved steering feel and self center.
• Increased dynamic negative camber (on turn).


How do you increase caster?

WHITELINE develops a wide range of products to increase caster. High levels of positive caster equate to more dynamic negative camber as you turn the wheel for improved grip levels when you need it the most, which improves high speed cornering ability. WHITELINE continues to put heavy emphasis on additional positive caster when designing new suspension packages to improve suspension attitude and superior traction.

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